Wall of Sound

Phil Campbell was at a Christmas party I attended last month. I told him that I remembered meeting him years ago when he opened for an Elvis impersonator at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium. That night, Phil told several jokes and closed with his dad Archie’s old RinderCella routine.

A few days later, I was backstage at the Civic Auditorium between shows during the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s Clayton Holiday Concerts. While I waited for my wife to collect her things and meet me, I looked at the various signatures on the wall, searching for some in particular.

Before long, I found the signatures from January 24, 2004. Those of us involved with “Elvis: The Beginning” had signed the wall. At the time, I worked at an oldies station that promoted the show. My morning-show partner and  I hosted the show, which was a benefit for veterans. Travis LeDoyt starred as Elvis. In addition to LeDoyt, you can see where the wall was signed by bagpiper John Rose, my radio partner and me.

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