The Warrant

T. J. Jones sent me a few more photos from when we worked at KLOS. I was very happy to see a picture of myself with Rockapella, one of my favorite musical groups. I wonder if I was pretending to be under arrest, like one of the crooks on “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?”

The first time I booked Rockapella on the Mark & Brian show, Kevin Wright had just joined the group and was still shadowing Sean Altman, the man he was hired to replace. The photo is from a subsequent visit. It shows Barry Carl, me, Scott Leonard, Elliott Kerman, Jeff Thacher and Kevin Wright. Of the five singers in the picture, only Scott and Jeff are still with the group. Barry and Elliott occasionally perform with Sean and Steve Keyes, who is also a former member. They use the name XRP, as in ex-Rockapella.

My family and I had the opportunity to see some great Rockapella concerts during those years. My wife and I saw some amazing shows at the Troubadour. The kids were with us for some sold-out shows at Starlight Bowl.

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