Talon Some Jokes

When comedian J.D. Howard organized a “Zipperheads of Comedy” show last year, I mistakenly thought that the term zipperhead was either similar to knucklehead or metalhead. I didn’t know if they were going for a Three Stooges vibe or a Metallica vibe.

The other day, J.D. invited me to perform a stand-up routine at this year’s benefit show. Proceeds go to Conquer Chiari, a charity that helps children with the brain malformation known as Chiari. As I started to research the cause, I discovered that the scars from Posterior Fossa Decompression surgery look like a zipper. Zipperheads are patients who have had the surgery, including J.D.’s daughter.

The “Zipperheads of Comedy” show will happen in April at Side Splitters Comedy Club. That gives me almost three months to work on some new material and practice it during open-mic nights.

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