Rose Piercing

The 124th Tournament of Roses Parade started poorly. A pre-recorded audio track began too soon. Some uncomfortable moments passed while they stopped and restarted the audio. I’m disappointed that comedian Chuck Nice didn’t mention the obvious glitch as he co-anchored HGTV’s coverage. Instead he said, “And a spectacular start it was, man. Look at that!”

Those of us outside Southern California could still watch KTLA’s coverage via the Hallmark Channel. KTLA has always boasted that they have the best spot to see and hear the parade. This year’s telecast proved them wrong. There were a couple of staged events that took place in front of HGTV’s booth on Orange Grove Boulevard, which is the first booth marchers pass. KTLA’s booth is around the corner, on Colorado Boulevard.

For example, the emotional reunion of a soldier and his family happened as the Natural Balance Pet Foods float paused in front of the HGTV booth. KTLA showed the reunion too, but then Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards had to awkwardly fill time as the float turned the corner and passed their booth. They had already used all their material about the military dogs being honored by the float. Edwards often seemed out of sync, either describing floats that hadn’t shown up on-camera yet or being unaware that something had already been shown. Later in the telecast, Bob found time to tell us that he wants to be on “Dancing with the Stars.”

I like the floats and the marching bands but they are often cacophonous when near each other. The RFD-TV float played some pre-recorded country song that drowned out the band behind it. I think it would be better if each marching band was paired with a float and if the band provided music specifically for that float. The RFD-TV float outraged one of my Burbank friends who complained on Facebook about the flag being displayed incorrectly.

Every year they give too much air time to the equestrian units. Enough already! It’s not the Tournament of Horses Parade. If they want to show horses, have them pull the floats or pull carriages carrying the dignitaries who currently ride in automobiles.

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