Model Knee

Cremation was the main topic during last night’s Dinner with the Bone Doctor at Echo Bistro & Wine Bar. Dr. Bill Bass shared the floor with Helen Taylor of the East Tennessee Cremation Company. They talked about the cremation process and about the corrupt crematory in Georgia that led Dr. Bass to study proper cremation techniques at Helen’s business.

The Bone Zones team set up a display of orthopedic hardware that had been removed from cremated remains. During his talk, Dr. Bass asked me to roll up my pant leg to show where the parts of an artificial knee are placed on the femur and tibia.

After the lecture, Helen said that several of her friends emailed her about a funny song called “Crematorium for Sale” by comedian Tim Wilson. The song is obviously inspired by the Tri-State Crematory. A couple of forensic fans at the dinner mentioned that, like me, they had attended the screening of “Sahkanaga” at the Secret City Film Festival. The movie was inspired by the Tri-State Crematory too.

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