The best “Rice Krispies Treats” I ever had contained no Rice Krispies. One of my brothers-in-law used Kamut Puffs to make a healthier version of the treats. The worst version of the treats I ever tried contained Fruity Pebbles. They were too sweet, even for me.

Yesterday during a broadcast at Weigel’s, I noticed a package of Lucky Charms Treats. On the one hand, I am intrigued by the delicious possibility. On the other hand, I am worried that they might be too sweet, like the Fruity Pebbles treats.

The Lucky Charms Treats were next to boxes of Golden Grahams Treats and Cocoa Puffs Treats. The three General Mills brands are now competing with Kellogg’s in the marshmallow and cereal bar market.

If you love marbits like me, you can now purchase bags of dehydrated marshmallows that can be added to your breakfast cereal.

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