Caffeindishly Clever

“There’s nothing better than coffee,” said my mother-in-law. During her two-week visit for Christmas, I brewed a lot of coffee for us to share.

If money were no object, I would buy Starbucks Caffè Verona to brew at home. Instead, I buy the more affordable Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Roast, which I’ve only seen at Food City. I find Eight O’Clock Coffee French Roast to be an acceptable alternative when I’m shopping at Kroger. My mother-in-law actually preferred the French Roast over the Italian Roast.

On Wednesday night, CNBC ran a rebroadcast of “The Coffee Addiction.” The program originally aired in 2011. While watching the show with my mother-in-law, I learned that the guy who owns Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig made a fortune with his previous company, E-Z Wider rolling papers. Green Mountain sells the Keurig machines almost at cost. They make their money on the single-serve K-Cups. It wasn’t mentioned on CNBC but many of Green Mountain’s K-Cups are made in Knoxville.

On Thursday morning, I tweeted the link to a New York Times story about a barista training camp. According to the article, a scale is better than a scoop for measuring the grounds to be brewed. Tristan Walach, the director of education said “It’s the most complicated beverage we consume.”

My friend Kathy was thinking of coffee too. On Friday, she emailed me the link to a story about the dos and don’ts of making coffee. I’m doing a few things right, such as using filtered water and sometimes buying whole beans to grind at home. Lately, I’ve found it easier to use the grinder in the supermarket although the article says the beans start losing flavor the moment they are ground.

Also on Friday came the news that actor Patrick Dempsey invested in Tully’s Coffee Shops. Dempsey beat out bids by Starbucks and by Baristas Coffee Company, which employs bikini-clad women to staff its drive-through espresso stands.

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