Biting Humor

Zombie movies have amused me ever since “Night of the Living Dead.” A neighbor who worked in the movie business screened the film for the kids on our street one summer night in Noyac. My sisters hated the movie but I laughed at the zombies and cheered for the survivors.

“The Walking Dead” is too intense for my daughter and my wife. My daughter and her friends liked “Shaun of the Dead” but I thought it was just okay. This past week, I may have stumbled across a zombie series that everyone in my family will enjoy. It’s not on TV or in the movie theatre. It’s on YouTube and it’s really good.

Season One of “Bite Me” from consists of five ten-minute webisodes. The ten webisodes of Season Two are each between ten and fifteen minutes long. Season Two can also be watched as a one-hour and 48-minute movie, which is how I saw it.

I might not have discovered “Bite Me” if comedic actress Risdon Roberts hadn’t followed me on Twitter. She plays Lauren, the girlfriend of one of the video-gamers who fight the zombies. The gamers eventually become a Ghostbusters-like group, who are more effective at killing zombies than the military. The Army general in charge of containing the zombie outbreak does not appreciate the amateurs. The conflict between him and them drives the whole story.

As the name suggests, “Bite Me” is a comedy but with a lot of zombie-fighting action. If it were a movie, it would be rated R for language and violence. It’s not as gory as “The Walking Dead,” however the blood and guts are still plausible.

In one episode, Lauren uses a Shake Weight to dispatch a zombie. Risdon and actor Justin Giddings appeared as themselves on another Machinima series called “Zombie Go Boom!” which is similar to “Mythbusters” in that the actors tried to destroy zombie busts made of ballistic gelatin by using the same unusual weapons as in the scripted show. Justin swung a cardboard sign, just like his character, Greg. Risdon had better results with a Shake Weight but really scored with her stiletto.

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