A Writer, a Glazier and an Actor…

As proprietor of frankmurphy.com, I feel a certain responsibility to all the Frank Murphys out there. My Google Alerts recently informed me of three Frank-related deaths.

A man named Frank Murphy died on December 6 in Toledo, Ohio. His obituary described him as a “writer, artist, and Renaissance man.” It goes on to say, “Murphy, a frequent writer for In Toledo magazine, was a friend and champion of people on the margins of society. To this end, Frank founded the Funhouse Writers Group and staged over seventy variety shows around the Toledo metro area in the last decade. Murphy also organized exhibits featuring artwork created by diverse groups of children and adults. Instead of flowers and wreaths, those wishing to, may make a contribution toward a permanent marker in Frank’s memory.”

An 81-year-old man named Frank J. Murphy died on November 30 in DeKalb, Illinois. He served in the Navy and was owner of the DeKalb Glass Company. Instead of a church funeral, a celebration of life was held at Sullivan’s Tavern last month.

Actor Charles Durning died on Christmas Eve. According to Wikipedia, he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery after a private funeral. I never knew that Durning played hot-tempered Officer Frank Murphy in “The Cop and the Kid,” a short-lived series on NBC. Sitcoms Online has a gallery of photos from the show, including pictures of newspaper ads that say: “It’s an uproarious battle of wits between a street-wise kid and a bachelor-cop guardian” and “Who’s in charge here? Cop Charles Durning’s the guardian of the trickiest street kid who ever heisted a hubcap.”

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