Thanks a Lot, Link

LinkedIn has been sending me a lot of good news lately. Several of my connections have endorsed me for a specific skill such as writing or voice over. For example, former Rockapella member Barry Carl endorsed me for “emcee” and “improvisation.” The social network added its endorsement feature a couple of months ago.

Not everyone loves the new endorsements. Forbes called it the “Stove Top stuffing version of recommendations.” The Inquirer says it “degrades LinkedIn as a professional network.”

Obviously I was complimented to get the endorsements and I chose to return the favor. I could not find an easy way to endorse someone from the LinkedIn mobile app. When I logged on to the website, I saw what the others were talking about. It’s impossible not to notice the endorsement feature.

A box pops up asking, “Does so-and-so know about such-and-such?” I saw one that asked, “Does Joseph Kurtz know about Theology?” Considering that he is Archbishop of Louisville and vice-president of the USCCB, I clicked “endorse.”

Another one made me laugh for different reasons. One of my friends is an FBI agent, specializing in investigating white-collar crimes. LinkedIn asked, “Does [special agent] know about Fraud?”

LinkedIn screen capture - does he know fraud?

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