Skin in the Game

It appears that the Deerskin Trading Post is no longer in business. My mother asked me to search online for the company when she found an old teddy bear they had made and wanted to buy another one like it. An article about memories of Danvers, Massaschusetts, mentioned that the company used to be there. Deerskin Trading Post doesn’t have a website. Instead, I found an archival copy of their 1959 catalog. One part especially intrigued me:

For those who hunt, here are our terms:

Deerskins must be spread out flat with flesh side up and well covered with salt. Let the hide set for at least 3 days in a cool place to help preserve. Hides must be delivered to our store in good condition.

1 Hide plus $1.00 = 1 pair Unlined Buck or Doe gloves
1 Hide = $3.00 credit on any item in our store
1 Hide = $1.25 cash value

No hides accepted after January 15.

The catalog is like a time capsule from the era. Most of the gloved hands were shown holding cigarettes. The various models of moccasins have names that are now considered insensitive to Native American cultures. On page 21, An assortment of canned meats includes venison, oysters with a cultured pearl, and whale steak.

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