Pump It Down

The frogs are going to be disappointed. Over the years I have attempted to discourage them from laying their eggs on my pool cover. This year I’m trying something new.

When the crew from the pool company closed my pool for the winter, they suggested that I buy an electric pump to remove rain water. In the past, I’ve siphoned off some of the water, using the same hose I use to vacuum the pool bottom.

I put a few different pumps on my Amazon.com wish list. Without telling me, my wife purchased one while she was buying Christmas gifts for the family. I’m under strict orders not to open any packages around this time of year. When my wife opened a box from Amazon, she discovered the pump mixed in with some gifts for our kids.

Over the weekend, I connected the small pump to a garden hose and placed it in the water on the cover. Until I read the manual, I assumed that I would leave the pump on the cover for the winter. Instead, I will remove it after each use so that I don’t accidentally leave it in water that will freeze. Ice would damage the pump.

I like having frogs in the neighborhood but I don’t like being unable to save all the tadpoles living on my pool cover. By removing the water more efficiently, I hope to do a better job of discouraging the frogs from using my backyard as their boudoir.

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