Porpoise Drivin’ Lights

There were a couple of reminders on Twitter yesterday to go see the Christmas lights at Concord Park and Chilhowee Park before it’s too late. Since my family and I were going to be downtown for a late-night drop off at the Megabus, we allowed some extra time to swing by Chilhowee Park first.

As we drove through the park, my wife mentioned that she might still want to visit Shadrack’s musically synchronized display at Smokies stadium. I pulled out my smartphone and played a Trans-Siberian Orchestra tune in an effort to help.

The lights were nice, although the images of the Christmas dolphins struck us as funny. By that I mean not funny haha but funny strange. Even more unusual was the fact that we were the only ones driving through the lights on the third day of Christmas.

Chilhowee Park Christmas lights - seen through gate on Magnolia Avenue Chilhowee Park Christmas lights - drive through tunnel of lights Christmas lights at Chilhowee Park - pirate ship and dolphins

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