Parade Zest

The third-floor stairwell of the parking garage in Gatlinburg is located in almost the perfect spot to serve as a broadcast booth for the Fantasy of Lights Christmas Parade. As a fan of parades, the placement of the stairwell reminded me of temporary booths constructed for the Tournament of Roses Parade.

I was perched in the stairwell along with another local radio personality as co-anchors of the city’s public-access telecast of the parade. T.K. prefers to be known by her initials, both on and off the air. We had never met until last week when we scheduled a get-together to talk about the telecast. Gatlinburg’s Special Events Coordinator Jon Elder was our spotter, floor director and all-around helper.

The staff at Charter Cable will edit the recording and show it in the near future. If you live in an area that gets service from Charter and you happen to see the parade in your TV listings, please let me know so I can share the news.

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