French? Italian? German! Spanish!

There were two exotic chocolate treats in my Christmas stocking this year. One came from Germany, the other from Spain.

Santa remembered that I love the taste of marzipan. I received a package of Schulte Feingebäck fruit-filled Dominosteine, made in Germany. Inside each small cube is a layer of marzipan, a layer of fruit filling and a layer of gingerbread. The cube is enrobed in chocolate. Of the four flavors, the sweet almond taste of marzipan is the strongest.

Santa must have also realized that I became a big fan of figs this year. I received a package of ChocoHigos hand-dipped dark chocolate figs made in Valencia, Spain. Popping one into my mouth, I first tasted a strong flavor of semi-sweet chocolate, which eventually gave way to the delicious sweetness of the dried pajarero fig.

It occurred to me to look up ChocoHigos on and add them to my wish list. A suggestion at the bottom of the page made me wonder why I hadn’t thought of it sooner. I put a black mission fig tree on my wish list too. The instructions say it can grow in the container. Experience shows that the only plant to survive in my house is the one next to the kitchen sink. Maybe I can put the five-gallon bucket with the fig tree there too.

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