Don’t Worry, Zombie Happy

Comedian John Upton’s Facebook post said, “Hey guys, you want to see something funny? Make fun of the Walking Dead in your status. People will lose their minds!” He’s right.

Because “The Walking Dead” is too gory for my wife, I usually wait until the next day to watch it on my DVR by myself. It’s one of the few shows with scenes outrageous enough to cause me put my hands to my face like Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone.” The show can also make me jump out of my chair to stare more closely at the television.  Both things happened to me during the mid-season finale and the previous episode as well.

I got a week behind in my viewing, which meant that I watched two very intense episodes yesterday. A fight scene between Michonne and the Governor had me standing and holding my face. Now they’re going to make us wait until February for the next episodes.

November and February are ratings sweep months. Ratings for “The Walking Dead” have been impressive. The cable show beats series on the broadcast networks in the most desirable demographics. To help me wait two months for the story to continue, I will have to watch some of the teaser clips on YouTube and on the AMC website.

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