Bright with Glory

When the Washington Redskins won in overtime on Sunday, my home phone rang. It was Frank Jr. calling to express his excitement over the game. Meanwhile, my daughter had just posted on Facebook: “Forbath for the win!”

My wife and I had watched as much of the game as we could on the NFL RedZone channel. One of the local radio stations carried a national broadcast of the game, so I switched the audio on my tuner from cable TV to FM tuner. While the RedZone channel was showing another game, we could still listen to the action from FedEx Field.

Robert Griffin III is such an exciting player to watch that I wanted to see everything I had missed. I planned to record NFL Replay on Tuesday night until I found a better option. NFL Replay shows a whole game in 90 minutes. The OnDemand menu of my cable system offered 13-minute recaps of every game from this past Sunday. The recap showed every drive that led to a score. It’s much better than just seeing touchdowns out of context.

The video looked like it came from the CBS telecast but without the on-screen graphics such as the first down marker. The audio came from the local radio broadcast in D.C. While the national announcers generally referred to the Redskins quarterback as Griffin or RG3, I noticed that Larry Michael of the Redskins Radio Network almost always called him Robert.

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