When in Chrome

This is my first post using the Samsung Chromebook that I purchased from Amazon.com. I placed the order on Thanksgiving morning. At the time, Amazon said the item was out of stock. Over the next few days, they said that it would be shipped for arrival in early December. Then an update told me to expect it on Wednesday but it arrived a day early.

The computer is extremely lightweight and smaller than I expected. However the keyboard is a very comfortable size, which makes it easy for me to type quickly. I have a feeling that I am going to really enjoy this purchase. My old Dell Inspiron had gotten very sluggish.

There is no right-click button on the touchpad. I use the right-click a lot on standard Windows computers. I suspect it will take some time for me to get used to not having it on the Chromebook. Tomorrow I plan to read the keyboard tutorial. There are fewer buttons, and some have different functions. For example, there is no “caps lock” button. In its place is a “search” button.

Just to get things started, I tried recording a webcam video using the YouTube app. Here it is:

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