Tampa Down Rumors

It will be interesting to see if history remembers Jill Kelley and Frederick Humphries. If so, will they be remembered as heroes or villains in the David Petraeus scandal?

Humphries was initially identified only as the “shirtless FBI agent” who emailed his picture to Kelley. The world later learned that Humphries had emailed the funny picture to several people, including his boss, from an account he shares with his wife.

As the story continued to develop, we found out that Kelley got things started by contacting Humphries. She had received troubling emails that were allegedly from Paula Broadwell. Broadwell wrote a biography of Petraeus and has been identified as the woman who had an affair with him. The scandal led Petraeus to resign as CIA director.

The part of the story that interested me was the connection between socialite Jill Kelley and FBI agent Fred Humphries. She attended the FBI  Citizens Academy offered by the Tampa division of the FBI in 2011. Humphries was one of the agents who spoke to the group. When she needed help, she turned to the guy she knew.

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