Our Blessing Cupcake

The annual Harvest of Blessings at All Saints Church is something I look forward to each autumn. Its arrival means that Thanksgiving is only a few days away. It also means I can get a delicious treat for 50¢.

Kathy and her daughter Karie always make something I find blogworthy. When I arrived for Mass on Sunday morning, Kathy’s husband Keith showed me a photo on his phone. He was already boasting about Karie’s chocolate cupcakes decorated with orange slices that were rolled and cut to look like pumpkins.

In addition to cakes and cookies, there were gifts and religious items for sale. One table featured Father Christmas ornaments from the Plas Prai Foundation. The Australian-based organization helps Cambodian children by selling hand-sewn items such as the Christmas decorations and Tooth Fairy figures with a pocket for holding teeth.

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