Get Loe

“Gary Loe is now following you on Twitter,” said the email notification. I was happy about it because Gary is a friend from church. However I was surprised to see that the account belonged not to the real Gary but to a vitriolic “Fake Gary Loe” who wrote dozens of deliberately misspelled¬† and mean-spirited posts in an attempt to make Gary look bad.

I met Gary when he was a TV reporter for WVLT. He now has a video production and mobile entertainment business. He donates his time to deejay almost every social event at All Saints Church. Lately, Gary has been active in local politics. If I lived in his district, I would have voted for him. He lost the race for House District 13 last week. His home used to be in a different district, prior to the lines being redrawn.

I heard some talk about the campaign this past weekend. Apparently the GOP ran some negative ads that Gary did not authorize. A News Sentinel blog post by Jack McElroy said it clearly: “It should be noted that the commercial includes the disclaimer that it was not approved by Loe. So he, presumably, is also a victim, tarred by association by his own party’s slimy tactics.”

It didn’t stop there. Gary was also the victim of some inaccurate attack ads from the Democrats. Direct mail pieces falsely claimed that Gary wanted to take away Medicare. A friend who knows about politics pointed out that Medicare is a federal program, not one on which a state representative would have a vote. On top of that, I seriously doubt that Gary would oppose a program that benefits his own parents.

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