Diet of Earworms

After all the rehearsals and the successful performances, my wife misses the music from “Chronicles of Blue and Gray.” I know how she feels. I miss “The Nutcracker.”

Preparing for the shows takes up our free time and attention for a few weeks. After the performances are over, there is a void in our schedules and the respective music keeps running through our heads. In my case, I keep hearing the music that accompanies the raising of wine glasses in the party scene. It comes right before I pretend to drunkenly dance out of control.

Over the weekend, my wife and I listened to some of the Nutcracker tracks on her Amazon Cloud Player. On the right side of the screen, we noticed that people who bought “The Nutcracker” also bought “S&M” by Rihanna. We must have been listening to the battle scene at the time.

Amazon Cloud player - Tchaikovsky and Rihanna

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