Dead Wait

People and animals have been dying for millions of years. You probably walk over buried fossils every day. Obviously you wouldn’t want to be two feet from a rotting corpse or carcass but what about two-thousand feet? Unless someone told you, you would never know there was a dead body on a ridge a half-mile away from your property line.

Fear of the unknown has caused a vocal minority to protest the plans for an environmental forensic research facility in Jefferson County. Other residents realize the potential benefits of the new type of body farm, including the opportunity for scientific advancement and the opportunity for the financial support it would bring to Carson-Newman University, which needs the money.

view of Art Bohanan's house from land to be used for Carson-Newman body farm On Tuesday, the Jefferson County Board of Zoning Appeals postponed a decision about Art Bohanan’s proposal to donate a portion of the land behind his home to Carson-Newman. Bohanan’s neighbor, Woodhaven Memory Gardens president Doris Ligon, has led the charge against the body farm. The zoning board will try again on December 18 to reach a decision.

The founder of the original Body Farm, Dr. Bill Bass, who supports the Carson-Newman project, was recently honored as a Health Care Hero by the leaders of Knoxville area hospitals.

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