Sacré Bleu, What Is This?

Several of the young kids at the Goblin Gallop in Northern Virginia were captivated by the Prancing Princesses. My daughter and her friends fashioned running clothes that resembled the attire of Disney’s Snow White, Belle and Ariel. A fourth friend dressed as Princess Peach from Super Mario Brothers. They won the prize for Best Team Costume. During the race, spectators shouted words of encouragement such as, “go Ariel!”

Prancing Princesses team at Goblin Gallop My daughter told me that a few people asked her where she purchased her outfit. When she told them that she made it, they lost interest. I can understand. It looks very complicated. She started with some old blue tights that represent the sea. She used Halloween Spirit Fabric to make a skirt that represented Ariel’s fish tail. My wife was especially impressed by the pleating. My daughter didn’t have a pattern, she was just unafraid to experiment. She also made a purple top to wear over a white t-shirt. To complete the character, she bought a red wig online for $15.

I’m delighted that my daughter still likes Ariel. I remember waiting in line to see “The Little Mermaid” with her when the movie first opened. My wife, who was pregnant with our son at the time, and I took her to a theater in Fairfax that is not too far from the site of the Goblin Gallop. To this day, it remains one of our family’s favorite movies.

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  1. Love her costume and to be honest it doesn’t look that hard to make and much more better then some of these over priced flimsy thin costumes.

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