Poin of View

Three of my favorite shows are on at the same time. “Dexter,” “The Walking Dead” and “Revenge” air Sundays at 9:00 p.m. While some other shows have been waiting on my DVR, I am up to date on all three of the Sunday night series.

My daughter and son are “Dexter” fans too. It’s not uncommon for us to discuss an episode over the phone on Mondays. I’m hoping to persuade my daughter to make some Dexter-inspired candy blood slides that I saw in a free Kindle book called “Halloween Food.” The book got the recipe from a website called Forkable.

When my son was little, he loved to watch a different Dexter. One of his favorite cartoons was “Dexter’s Laboratory.” The website Screen Junkies recently posted a spoof of the two Dexters. What if cartoon Dexter was a killer like Showtime’s Dexter? The result is “Dexter Morgan’s Laboratory.”

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