Killer App

Michael C. Hall has been nominated for an Emmy five times for his role in “Dexter.” Every year I wonder why he doesn’t win. In 2008, 2009 and 2010, Hall lost to Bryan Cranston, who stars on another of my favorite series, “Breaking Bad.” Both characters are villains who evoke sympathy from the audience because we see everything from their perspective. In Dexter’s case, we also hear his thought process.

Producer Scott Reynolds and actress Jennifer Carpenter mentioned Dexter’s inner voice among other topics in an entertaining podcast that was posted this week. Reynolds promises a new “Dexter Wrap-Up” podcast the day after each episode airs on Showtime. Although Showtime’s website directs you to iTunes, I first discovered the podcast by browsing through a Droid app called OneCast.

I also downloaded the official “Dexter” app, which is a convenient way to watch previews of the next episode. I briefly tried one of the wallpapers from the app, which made it look like I had handled my phone with very bloody fingers.

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