Hey, Little Buddy

A number of my Catholic friends showed up to support my efforts in the Host with the Most Competition at Side Splitters Comedy Club on Sunday evening. Two of the first people to arrive were anxious to share some news with me. They were thrilled that Fr. Ragan Schriver will be moving to their parish, St. Albert the Great, next month. The move will reunite him with his former boss, Fr. Chris Michelson, the pastor at St. Albert. It also means the growing parish will have two priests instead of one.

For the past three years, Fr. Ragan has been assigned to Holy Family parish in Seymour. He was pastor there while still working full-time as executive director of Catholic Charities of East Tennessee and teaching two classes at the University of Tennessee. He recently began serving on the board of Catholic Charities USA.

Fr. Ragan’s replacement at Holy Family will be Fr. Joseph Thomas, who is currently at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Fr. Joseph will be available to move to Seymour when Sacred Heart rector, Fr. David Boettner, returns from a pilgrimage to Rome and the Holy Land.

2009 Roast of Fr. Ragan - Fr. Michael Woods, Fr. Ragan Schriver, Frank Murphy, Fr. Chris Michelson, John Becker, Tony Dickerson When Fr. Ragan left All Saints parish for Holy Family, I emceed a roast of Fr. Ragan. At the event, Fr. Chris told some very funny stories about working with Fr. Ragan. All Saints parishioners also have fond memories of the old days. Many still talk about a skit at the adult social when Fr. Ragan played Gilligan and Fr. Chris played the Skipper. Everyone says it was typecasting. I’d love to see a reprise of it at St. Albert.

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