Every Knee Shall Bend

The word tabernacle has shown up on my blog several times. In 2007, I saw a tabernacle in Georgia that looked like the Ark of the Covenant from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” In 2010, I saw a tabernacle covered with a tipi on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana. Five weeks ago, I wrote about plans to move the tabernacle at All Saints Catholic Church to the center of the apse, behind the altar.

Over Labor Day weekend, Fr. Christian Mathis and I recorded another set of “Faith Seeking Understanding” podcasts that will be posted on his site over the next few weeks. The most recent podcast is about the plans to move the tabernacles at All Saints and at St. Thomas the Apostle. I won’t cross-post every episode but I chose to do so with this one because we talk about All Saints and about my son’s parish in Maryland.

When parishioners arrive at All Saints for Mass this coming weekend, the tabernacle will be in its new location. Instead of bowing to the altar, we should now genuflect toward the tabernacle because we believe that it contains the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

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