District of Columbaria

The first of two podcasts that Fr. Christian Mathis and I recorded with Dr. Bill Bass is now online. You can find it on Fr. Christian’s blog. The episode is about Catholics and cremation.

In the podcast, we talk about the cremation process and the trend to build columbaria at Catholic churches, including the one at St. Thomas the Apostle in Lenoir City. I also mention the new columbarium at my uncle’s parish, St. Edward the Confessor in Richmond, Virginia.

I was pleased that the podcast caught the attention of nationally-known Catholic blogger Frank Weathers. He wrote a great post entitled “Does Your Parish Have a Columbarium Yet?” In addition to a plug for the podcast, Frank provides information about the columbarium at St. Mary’s Church in Oak Ridge.

Frank’s and Fr. Christian’s are not the only Catholic websites to give me a mention this week. Catholic Charities of East Tennessee posted a very nice write-up about my victory in the Host with the Most Competition. They also made me their featured volunteer of the month.

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