Camp Decomp

What’s the difference between a travel trailer and a camper trailer? I had to look it up. A camper trailer or tent trailer pops up whereas a travel trailer does not. A fifth-wheel attaches to the bed of a pickup truck while a travel trailer connects to a hitch on a truck or SUV.

Having figured that out, I now know it’s a 20-foot travel trailer that Art Bohanan needs for Carson-Newman’s new Environmental Forensics Program. Can you donate one?

At the end of every year, I hear commercials soliciting donations of automobiles for various charities. I suspect that the charities sell the cars, or at least their parts, for cash. The travel trailer that Art needs will be put to use.

They’re not looking for a brand new trailer. It’s safe to say that the people inside the unit won’t care about the make or model. As you probably figured out, the travel trailer will house donated bodies while they decompose.

So, if you can donate a 20-foot travel trailer, please contact Susan Seals at If you don’t have a trailer to donate, you can still help by spreading the word to your family and friends.

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