Blondie Moment

Kim, the manager of the floral department, was very helpful during my remote broadcast from Food City in Bearden. As I was getting ready to leave, I mentioned that I often see her floral arrangements on TV.

Chef Walter features a plant or vase of flowers every day on the noon news when he says, “take a look at that centerpiece.” He goes to the store twice a day to pick up the flowers and to return them. While there, he also buys the ingredients for his cooking segments.

Kim asked if I wanted one of the brownies that Chef Walter made that day. I said, “Brownies? Don’t you mean blondies?” I joked that she must be checking to make sure I was watching. After a laugh, she told me how to find my way to the employee break room where I could enjoy one of the TV treats.

Food City Bearden - door to back room Food City Bearden - Chef Walter's blondies Food City Bearden - Chef Walter's blondies


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