All That Cremains

A recent news story out of Georgia bothered me because the incident should have been avoided. A funeral director’s license was suspended after he mistreated a corpse he was preparing for cremation.

The deceased person weighed about 800 pounds. William Ellenberg cut away part of the body to make it fit in the cremator. He failed to get permission from the dead man’s family before doing so. A extra-large body in a standard oven also poses a fire hazard.

The situation could have been avoided if Ellenberg had upgraded his facility and purchased an oven designed to hold obese individuals. Without such a retort, he should have sent the body to another crematorium that does have a large oven. Both Tennessee crematories that I have toured have a large cremator.

Frank Murphy visits Gentry-Griffey crematory

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  1. That is sad. A huge disrespect to the family

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