Trophe Case

The FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association has officially killed off the apostrophe that had been a part of their logo for years. The announcement was made by FBINCAAA founder Jerry Fogel during last week’s Leadership Conference. The news caused me to applaud. Upon hearing my reaction, Jerry said, “there’s a fan of punctuation.”

When referring to the FBI Citizens Academy, the words FBI and Citizens are adjectives that modify the noun Academy. Tacking an apostrophe onto Citizens transforms it from an adjective into a possessive noun. The apostrophe also forces FBI to modify Citizens. There is no such thing as an FBI Citizen. Also the Citizens don’t own the Academy. The FBI offers the course as part of its community outreach. The word Citizens is used to differentiate the FBI Citizens Academy from the FBI Academy in Quantico.

It will take a little while for the new logo to be put all the places it needs to be. At the conference, each member received a baseball cap with the old logo. They asked if me if I wanted to buy some of the hats to resell to members of the Knoxville chapter. I declined and said I would wait for the new logo, which also has more defined feathers on the eagle’s wing, to show up on the merchandise.

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