Thin Blue Line

Heroes Behind the Badge preview screening in Denver, September 20, 2012 Associate producer Dennis Collins screened a “fine cut” of the film “Heroes Behind the Badge” at the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association Leadership Conference in Denver on Thursday night. Our group walked from the Brown Palace Hotel to a nearby United Artists movie theatre for the sneak preview. Police officers from Denver, Aurora and other nearby jurisdictions were invited to attend as well.

The movie focuses on four law enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty and four more who were injured. All of the stories are tragic. I was especially touched by an interview with the police chief of West Memphis, Arkansas. Bob Paudert and his wife were driving nearby when they heard the radio call of shots fired, officer down. They raced to the scene to discover that the deceased officer was their son, Brandon.

Collins plans to distribute the movie via DVD. He is currently asking for Facebook “likes” and Twitter “follows” to publicize the film. The trailer has received over 73,000 views on YouTube.

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