Spy Bye-Bye

Chelsea Guy invited me to be in her short film at the suggestion of her mother, a local real estate agent I had met a few times. When Chelsea sent me a public message on Twitter, she didn’t really expect me to say yes. When I did, she said to her mom, “He said yes. What do we do now?”

Chelsea and her team were one of twenty entered in the Secret City Film Festival 7-Day Shootout. They had to write, produce, shoot and edit a seven-minute movie in seven days. The video shoot took place over Labor Day weekend.

I was cast as the head of a spy agency. When I arrived at the set, I was told that the team member who was supposed to write the script had been called in to his day job. As a result, we would have to improvise our lines. My part was easy. All I had to do was yell at a poor schlep who I named Jenkins. After that, I had to speak to the camera for an interview scene. I made up a backstory about Jenkins only being hired because of his father. My scenes, which were the first ones shot, were done in less than an hour.

I was on a plane when the movie was shown at the Secret City Film Festival last weekend. A few of my friends who were attending the festival were surprised to see me show up on the big screen. Chelsea has now posted the film on YouTube. Naturally, she notified me via Twitter.

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