Mile Highlights

The forty-fourth richest man in America was in the same room as me for a few minutes on Thursday. Philip F. Anschutz dropped by the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association Leadership Conference in Denver to accept an honorary membership award. He made headlines this week for putting the Anschutz Entertainment Group on the market.

Philip’s son, Christian, is the president of the FBI Denver Citizens Academy Alumni Association, which is the host group for the national meeting this year. One of my duties as president of the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association is to attend the conference as the voting delegate from my chapter.

Frank Murphy & Jerry Fogel at FBINCAAA Leadership Conference in Denver For me, a highlight of the conference was getting to talk with Jerry Fogel, the founder of the FBINCAAA. He had a long-running radio show in Kansas City. He also had a long acting career, which included stints on “The Mothers-in-Law” and “The White Shadow.” I worked with Jerry’s son Dave, who did nights at WAVA for a few years under the name Cap’n Fogel.

fruit dessert served at FBINCAAA Leadership Conference Another highlight, although not quite on the scale of Fogel and Anschutz, was the dessert served at lunch on Thursday. The fruit slices in pastry shell included half of a fig. The representative from Nashville gave me her half-fig, which helped satisfy my daily craving.

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