Living Color

There’s a good chance that prior to my trip last week, I had cumulatively spent more time inside the Denver airport than in the rest of the state. Over the ten years that I lived in California, I would often change planes in Denver when traveling back east. When my family drove across the country for our move to Knoxville in 2002, we crossed Colorado on I-70 and briefly stopped for lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Denver.

History Colorado - bison statue The majority of my time in Denver last week was spent in a hotel ballroom, attending the various seminars of the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association Leadership Conference. However, the FBINCAAA group did visit a movie theatre, a football stadium, an art museum and a history museum during our four-day stay.

History Colorado - view of lobby map History Colorado - Welcome to Colorful Colorado The lobby floor of History Colorado is a giant map of the state. A large wooden “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign was once mounted along an interstate. Officials removed it because they considered it to be vandalism when someone painted the letters in the word “colorful.” They were probably mad they hadn’t thought of it first.

History Colorado - What's that Smell? History Colorado - Tiddledy Winks Most of the exhibits are interactive and kid-friendly, such as a virtual ski jump and a cow statue kids can pretend to milk. In the farming area, you can guess four odors common to rural life. Spoiler alert: one of them is manure. My favorite items on display were the everyday household items from the past. I was familiar with tiddlywinks but the version they had was spelled Tiddledy Winks. I did a double take when I saw a tin with the Coors logo. It wasn’t for beer but for malted milk, which the company made during Prohibition.

History Colorado - Coors Golden Malted Milk

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