Ignoble Georgian

It’s no surprise that the words “Tri-State Crematory” would jump off the page while I was reading the descriptions of the various movies to be screened this coming weekend at the Secret City Film Festival. I have heard Dr. Bill Bass speak about his involvement in the crematory case and I recently read his academic paper on cremation weights that was necessitated by the same case.

Dr. Bass helped identify the hundreds of bodies that were dumped on the property instead of being cremated. You may recall that his writing partner, Jon Jefferson, wrote a guest blog post for me about Chigger Hardin, one of the 339 people whose remains were found at Tri-State. Jefferson and Bass discussed the case with me during our 2008 interview to promote “The Devil’s Bones.”

“Sahkanaga,” directed by John Henry Summerour, will be shown during the festival’s 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. block on Sunday, September 23 at Regal Downtown West Cinema 8. The movie is a fictionalized version of the Tri-State Crematory story. It “imagines this event from the perspective of a teenager who stumbles upon the first body.” The blurb also says that Sahkanaga means Great Blue Hills of God in Cherokee and is pronounced “sock-uh-nogga.” The reviews from previous film festivals have been terrific. The trailer makes me want to see it too.

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