Get ’em While They Last

Seven of the twelve contestants in this year’s Host with the Most Competition are returnees from last year. Three of them also participated in 2010. As one of the newbies, I have to try a bit harder if I want to win any money for the Columbus Home Children’s Emergency Shelter.

With twelve media people spreading the word, tickets have been selling fast. Over half the seats were sold in the first seven days. I think the show could completely sell out within the next week or so.

The amateur comedian who sells the most tickets using their promo code gets a $100 bonus for the charity they are representing. Having the most fans in the house should also help when it comes time to tally the votes at the end of the night. However, last year’s top ticket seller did not win the overall competition. You can click here to purchase tickets. Please use the promo code “FM” to save $5 per ticket and to give me credit for the sale.

I sold several tickets by describing the charity I represent. When the Knox County Juvenile Court must remove a child from a parent who is abusive or on drugs, the court can send the child across the parking lot to Columbus Home for up to ten days instead of immediately placing the child in state’s custody. The extra time allows for more options to be considered.

Use the promo code FM when buying tickets for the Host with the Most Competition at Side Splitters Comedy Club created e-cards for each of the contestants. We’re supposed to post them to our social media sites such as Facebook. Obviously, I also placed the card on my blog and I emailed it to a few friends. I printed some copies to distribute on Tuesday nights after Einstein Simplified shows.

I was delighted to see that Catholic Charities and Star 102.1 each posted the information on their websites. I was pleasantly surprised and deeply moved to see that my friends on the Bone Zones team had posted it too.

Host with the Most Competition screen capture - Host with the Most Competition screen capture - Host with the Most Competition screen capture -

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