Gallantly Streaming

Angel Leona Higgs competed on “American Idol” in 2005 and appeared on the show again when one of her students competed in 2008. I had the pleasure of introducing her over the massive public-address speakers at Boomsday on Sunday before she sang the national anthem. I made a point of reminding everyone to place their hands over their hearts.

Angel arrived at the Star 102.1 stage about 45 minutes early. Her escort from the event staff had to leave, so I offered to stand with Angel in case she needed anything. On the golf cart ride to the stage, Angel passed a Godiva Chocolate booth that appealed to her. She and I walked to the booth, where she purchased some strawberries dipped in white chocolate. On the way back, she gave me one of the berries.

Angel Leona Higgs and Frank Murphy at Boomsday 2012 After Angel sang the anthem, we posed for a picture which I wanted to post online. I had some difficulty getting my smartphone to connect to Twitter. When I tried emailing the photo to Twitpic, I put the caption in the wrong place. I had forgotten that Twitpic requires users to put the accompanying text in the subject line, rather than the body of the message. My friend Bean wrote, “How about a caption or something to go with the photo so we don’t assume it’s a 2d wedding announcement?”

Saul Young of the Knoxville News Sentinel used the audio of Angel’s national anthem to accompany a series of images from the event. Angel also posted a video of her own performance, starting just after I introduced her to the crowd.

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