Fandance Festival

“Backyard Blockbusters,” a documentary about fan films, had its world premiere over Labor Day weekend at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. The movie will be shown again on Friday at Regal Downtown West Cinema 8 as the opener of the Secret City Film Festival.

In April, I posted the “Backyard Blockbusters” trailer after getting a message from director John Hudgens. When the film was accepted by the Secret City Film Festival, I invited John to be my guest on the “East Tennessee Report.” The interview aired this morning. It’s a fun conversation, especially for science-fiction fans. A podcast of the half-hour program is available below.

I watched a DVD of the movie yesterday. Because Lucasfilm supports fan films, much of “Backyard Blockbusters” focuses on the “Star Wars” universe. The segment on the “Pink Five” Saga is a lot of fun and the story of “Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation” is nothing short of amazing.

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