Fair-Cooked Fare

A photo on the wall in the lounge at Side Splitters reminded me to not make the same mistake as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. At last year’s Host with the Most Competition, Mike Howard’s routine included holding up a photo of Bachmann eating a double corn-dog at the Iowa State Fair. After he won the contest, Howard framed the photo and gave it to the club.

The reference to the Host with the Most is not just a blatant plug to get you to use the promo code “FM” when you buy tickets for this year’s contest. I actually was faced with a double corn-dog yesterday while cameras were present. I used a knife and fork to slice the massive corn-dog into bite-sized pieces.

Tennessee Valley Fair 2012 - Frank with Crazy Fair Food banner Tennessee Valley Fair 2012 - Frank & Jeff taste Cuban sandwich The Tennessee Valley Fair invited me to be a judge for their first-ever Concessionaire Food Contest. The professionals who make and sell deep-fried treats were given the opportunity to compete for banners declaring their booth to have the best corn dog, funnel cake, sweet treat, crazy fair food and so on.

Tennessee Valley Fair 2012 - Deep-fried Banana Pudding Tennessee Valley Fair 2012 - Red Velvet Funnel Cake The hardest categories to judge involved two of last year’s food favorites and this year’s highly touted item. I immediately recognized the deep-fried banana pudding that I enjoyed so much last year. The red-velvet funnel cake also looked good. The new item is a German chocolate funnel cake.

Tennessee Valley Fair 2012 - German Chocolate Funnel Cake The German chocolate funnel cake is topped with powdered sugar, coconut creme pie filling and pecans. It would have easily won the funnel cake category. However it was submitted in the crazy fair food category instead. The banana pudding edged it out by  by a very narrow margin. My fellow judge had not previously tried the banana pudding entry, which meant he had the joy of tasting it for the first time.

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