mini cakes from Calamondin Cafe Cala what? I had never heard of calamondin until I got a call from an acquaintance named Steve who offered to give me a calamondin cake that his sister made in Florida. She runs a business called Calamondin Café.

Wikipedia says that calamondin is a citrus fruit believed to be a hybrid of a kumquat and a mandarin orange. Based on the cake I tasted, the calamondin may be related to the lime too. I really enjoyed the moist cake and the combination of tangy and sweet flavors. I was lucky enough to get a couple to take home and some to bring back to work for others to enjoy.

Over the past couple of months, Steve has kept me posted via email on the construction of a new Weigel’s store in Sevierville. His plan was to meet me at the store’s grand opening and give me the cakes. He told his sister to send the cakes after one of the convenience store clerks mistakenly told him the grand opening would be in mid-August. There’s a bit of lag time between when a store opens its doors and when they invite radio stations in to promote the opening. In this case, it was about three weeks. Fortunately Steve kept the calamondin cakes in his freezer until I could get them this past week during my remote broadcast.

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  1. Giannine says:

    We had a calamondin tree in our front yard in Florida growing up. My mother used to use the fruit in our Christmas cranberry sauce. It is funny how my mouth began to water and twinge as I read your post.

    The skins are edible. I liked the skins better than the actual fruit. They are mild, but you cannot really eat the skins alone. They do, at least, tone down the acidity of the fruit.

    Our tree was huge and prolific. Sadly, my parents had to cut it down a few years before they moved out of Florida. Mom made all kinds of things from those fruits!

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