A Lego Up on the Competition

At last year’s Lego competition during the closing weekend of the Tennessee Valley Fair, I suggested that they move it a week earlier so that more people would see the display. This year, they did just that. The contest was held yesterday, on opening weekend. I got a sneak peek on Friday after judging the Fair food contest.

The overall winner was a detailed representation of a busy movie studio. It showed various genres of films being made on sound stages and the back lot. One of my favorites was a map of the world and four famous landmarks: the Parliament Clock Tower (which contains the bell known as Big Ben), the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and the Cristo Redentor statue.

I thought my friends on the Bone Zones team would appreciate the Lego skeleton that won a “Third Premium” prize. It also includes some internal organs such as a Lego liver, a Lego gall bladder, a Lego heart, Lego lungs and a Lego brain.

By the way, there is still time for you to enter my contest to win a four-pack of Tennessee Valley Fair tickets that you can use to see Einstein Simplified perform in the Pepsi Community Tent on September 14.

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