USA Yesterday

FBI exhibit in the Newseum The best exhibit at the Newseum, in my opinion, made me feel like I had gotten a head start on my field trip with the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association. After the orientation film, I headed straight for their exhibit of artifacts of several of the FBI’s most famous cases. It’s called G-Men and Journalists.

FBI exhibit in the Newseum FBI exhibit in the Newseum John Dillinger’s death mask turned up several times this week. I saw it on Sunday at the Newseum, on Monday in a brochure for a Museum of Crime & Punishment, and on Tuesday in the museum inside FBI headquarters. The Newseum exhibit said that authorities allowed 15,000 citizens to view Dillinger’s body in the morgue.

FBI exhibit in the Newseum FBI exhibit in the Newseum The Robert Hanssen case was made into a movie called “Breach” starring Chris Cooper and Ryan Phillippe. The infamous traitor used a park near my mother-in-law’s house for his dead drops. He even attended the same church as my in-laws.

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