The Name of the Power Is the Power of Two

Did synchronized swimming get any prime time coverage on NBC? I saw a bit of the event during the day on Monday. Last night as we sat in our own pool, my wife wondered if she had missed out.

When we went inside, I scrolled through our cable system’s on-demand menu to show my wife the same stuff I saw the other day. I also found a great music video with highlights from Monday’s competition set to “It’s Arithmetic, Baby” by Tom Paxton.

The excessive makeup is distracting but the athleticism is amazing. I can’t imagine being able to control my movements and position in the water the way the Olympians do.

Although it looks deceptively graceful from the pool side, Synchronised Swimming is an extremely demanding sport calling for great strength, endurance and flexibility. Swimmers use nose clips to help them stay underwater for longer, but the sport still requires tremendous breath control.
Synchronised Swimming began as a sport for men in the 1800s. It is now one of two disciplines on today’s Olympic programme to be contested only by women. The other is Rhythmic Gymnastics.

The American team of Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva were featured in a Ball State University video series called “BSU at the Games” that gives some insight to how hard they work at making it look effortless.

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