Rockin’ Fig

During the Depression, the Barter Theatre accepted fruits and vegetables as payment for admission to their shows. I worked in the box office when the Barter players had a season in residence at George Mason University. We only took cash, checks and credit cards.

fresh figs I was reminded of the Barter’s origins when some friends gave me a selection of fresh figs prior to Tuesday’s Einstein Simplified show. The figs were not payment for the show, my friends John and Heather were just being nice. Their fig bush produces more fruit than they can eat. Rather than see the figs go to waste, they offered me some.

My only prior experience with figs was inside a Fig Newton. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I love the taste of ripe figs. John and Heather instructed me to eat the softest ones first. They practically dissolve in my mouth with a sweet burst of flavor that is reminiscent of a Fig Newton but without the gumminess.

fresh tomatoes, squash and cucumbers In other produce news, a co-worker shared some fresh vegetables from her parents’ garden. They also hate to see any excess food go to waste. They were disappointed that the dry weather meant the tomatoes, squash and cucumbers were not as good as last year. It didn’t bother me. I was thrilled to add the tasty treats to my salad.

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