Only 122 Shopping Days…

Special Agent in Charge Ken Moore and I have something in common. While we were in the Recreation Association store at the FBI Academy in Quantico, he purchased the 2012 White House Christmas ornament to add to his collection. I sent a photo of the new ornament to my wife, who receives one each year as a gift from her mother. This year’s ornament represents President-elect William Howard Taft as he prepared to replace outgoing President Teddy Roosevelt.

I did buy two ornaments while on my trip. On Tuesday, I bought an ornament with the FBI seal inside a wreath. It was one of several designs available for sale in the RA store at FBI Headquarters.

On Thursday, I couldn’t resist buying a Library of Congress ornament from their gift shop. It features part of a quote from Francis Bacon (whose name I love). I had noticed the full quote on the wall of the North Corridor of the Thomas Jefferson Building: “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.”

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