Not Your Average Joe

The misidentification of Colonel Shy is a story that Dr. Bill Bass has told countless times. I’ve heard it dozens of times myself. Therefore, it was odd to hear a New York actor (Greg McFadden) put on a Southern accent and perform the words of Dr. Bass recounting the Colonel Shy story.

I found the performance on a podcast by The Civilians theater group from a show recorded at Joe’s Pub. The second part of the podcast is riveting. Actress Emily Ackerman plays a forensic artist whose own life is affected by a tragic double-murder.

This Joe’s Pub sounds like an interesting place. In 2010, I watched several performances from “Our Hit Parade” that were recorded at Joe’s. A story I heard on NPR about Lady Rizo also mentioned Joe’s. More recently, a group called The Skivvies performed at Joe’s Pub. They are Broadway actors and actresses who sing pop songs in their underwear.

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