Lawn Sacrament

All Saints Coming Together 2012 Fr. Michael Woods had people worried for a minute during the third annual outdoor Mass at All Saints Catholic Church. At the beginning of his homily, he said he had an announcement to make that would affect all parishioners. When he revealed that he had decided to move the tabernacle to the front and center of the sanctuary, the congregation began to applaud. Fr. Michael held up his hands and asked them to stop.

In most Catholic churches, the tabernacle is placed near the altar. A candle in a red glass holder indicates that the Eucharist is inside. Parishioners genuflect before the tabernacle when they enter and leave their pew. When All Saints was built in 1999, the tabernacle was placed in a side chapel with an enormous stained-glass window that is visible from Cedar Bluff Road. The image on the window has been jokingly called “high-five Jesus” by many of the parishioners.

All Saints Coming Together 2012 WBIR and WVLT sent cameras to cover the outdoor gathering. The WVLT story is also available online:


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